Is a vegan diet healthy
Is a vegan diet healthy

If you are following Social Media too much, then you know there are so many people who claim to be vegan. Being a vegan is definitely a way of living, but is a vegan diet healthy?

Many factors have contributed for veganism to become so popular, and in this article, you will see many of these reasons and who knows, perhaps you will like these and change your way of living as well.

What is Veganism?

Perhaps you already know everything about veganism; however, I can’t continue to explain “Is a vegan diet healthy,” before I provide you with some general information about this particular diet.

Veganism consists of a philosophy of life that excludes from its food planning anything that in any way relates to the animal world, such as meat, and all its derivatives: milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and all products manufactured by meats and clothing and beauty products as well.

People, who turn out to veganism, usually have their reason for doing it, and the most frequent ones are due to health reasons, ethical or environmental. Many people can relate that meat is harmful to the human body and that produces cancers and all kinds of other diseases, which is why they opt for healthier vegan meals.

What Does a Vegan Diet Plan Include

what do vegan eat-Is vegan food healthy
what do vegan eat-Is vegan food healthy

A vegan diet focuses on food with vegetables. The diet includes vegetables, fruits, peas, beans, grains, seeds, and nuts. No single meal plan can define what a vegan should eat, but here are some of the types:

  • Strict Vegetarian Diet – excludes all meat and animal products
  • Lacto Vegetarian Diet – includes food derived from plants and dairy products
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Diet – includes dairy products and eggs

If you have been asking yourself is a vegan diet healthy, the answer is yes, however, you should be careful to provide your body the nutrients that it requires, otherwise you can risk your health.


Things to consider if planning to be a vegan

  • Eating different foods every day is significant because this way you will provide your body with all nutrients that are essential for it to function properly.
  • Never forget to take supplements such as Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D especially in winter!
  • Drink juices and eat fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, because of the optimization of iron.
  • Restrict the number of additional oils and fats (if you suffer from heart disease, completely avoid its consumption).
  • Increase the intake of Omega 3.
  • Restrict the consumption of processed foods.

After doing thorough research and weighing the pros and cons of the vegan diet plan, I found out that the best way for me to protect my body and also lose weight is to combine the Strict Vegan Plan and Lacto-Ovo meal plan and call myself half-vegan if that’s even a thing!

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons of being vegan, and finally, see for yourself is a vegan diet healthy.

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Is a vegan diet healthy


  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • By using unrefined salt, you protect yourself from getting a heart attack, hypertension, and other pathologies.
  • Lowers obesity
  • Lowers cancer rate (especially colon, prostate, lung, etc.)
  • Decreases incidence of osteoporosis, kidney stones, osteoporosis, dementia,
  • Reduces cholesterol


  • Lack of proteins (foods such as meat, eggs, and dairy products represent a source for protein for people) and the daily dosage for a person under the age of 20 is 46 grams daily, and 56 grams for older people, which might be a bit difficult and too expensive to achieve with nuts and just beans.
  • Vegan meal plans often lack iron which may be a significant health problem. Thus, vegans need to take iron as a supplement on a daily basis. Anemia is a huge problem.
  • Vegan meals take more time to prepare, and it might be challenging to eat away from home.
  • Not everything that is vegan is healthy. For example – chips.
  • You might miss important nutrients
  • It is dangerous for kids and babies to be strictly vegan because of faltering growth, energy problems and lacking essential nutrients.

To Sum Up Is a vegan diet healthy?

Perhaps you will choose a vegan plan that works for you, or you will simply stick to your so far routine. Either way, you should always keep in mind that vitamins, proteins, and iron are essential for your body to function correctly and for you to be healthy.

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