Iron Overdose Symptoms
Iron Overdose Symptoms

Because of the extremely efficient mechanism that regulates iron absorption in the intestines, longer increased intake of iron in healthy people rarely causes poisoning. The cause for poisoning is usually hemochromatosis, an inherited metabolic disorder – which disrupts the mechanism to regulate absorption in the intestine.

The most effects of iron poisoning are damage of liver, heart muscle and pancreas, skin hyperpigmentation and joint pains. An excessive amount of iron in the body can be a risk factor for the occurrence of:

  • some cardiovascular disease
  • liver cancer and intestines
  • creation of diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson


Iron overdose symptoms in children

First of all – Iron Poisoning – in children – is considered the leading cause of death due to intoxication. It occurs if the child may suddenly consume a more significant amount of iron supplements (e.g., Mistakes the iron pills for sweets).

The lethal dose is between 250-350 mg/lbs. It depends on the body weight.

Symptoms can occur as early as 40-80 mg/lbs, but again it depends on the body weight.

Above all I would like to say that because Iron Overdose in Children is the leading cause of death new parents are encouraged to consequently lock all their medicine cabinets so it is almost impossible for a child to get their hand on any pills.

Iron Overdose Symptoms in four phases.

  1. First of all, 6 hours after iron consumption leads to nausea, vomiting, a weak heart rate, low blood pressure, lethargy and pain in the abdominal area.
  2. Above all if the poisoning does not cause death immediately, symptoms can “cool down” for the next 12-48 hours.
  3. “Finally” they return, and now they can include even canceling of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidney.
  4. If not treated after two weeks, it causes chronical damage to liver, stomach and central nervous system.



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