what is starch picture of corn starch powder
what is starch picture of corn starch powder

I am sure that more than once you have heart what starch is, and that many foods contain it, but you have never been enough interested to find out what starch is, which is why you have come again to investigate a bit more about it. Today I am going to explain you in details what is starch, what can you benefit from it, and which foods contain it.

What Is Starch?

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The first thing you should know about what is starch is that it is the only plant polysaccharide that the human body is capable of assimilating and that it absorbs fast. It is one of the three types of carbohydrates that exist besides sugar and dietary fibers, and it is the only one made up of a considerable number of glucose units that are linked by glycosidic bonds. Well, enough of those medical terms!
This element, in addition to providing us with fiber benefits, also has additional properties that make it interesting. It nurtures the intestinal flora and allows preservation of its excellent condition so that it can function properly. Since different processes operate in our organism, the starch will keep them in excellent condition.
The resistant starch acts as an excellent prebiotic that flavors the waste disposal produced during the digestive processes, improve the absorption of electrolytes, strengthen our immune system and improve the intake of macronutrients such as vitamins and minerals in our body.

Why We Should Include Starch In Diet

Now that I have explained more thoroughly what is starch.  Time to go through the health benefits and find out how to include it in your diet.
In a typical diet, you have three kinds of carbohydrates: dietary fibers, sugar, and starch. Starch is one of the most important things when creating a balanced diet.
At least one-third of the diet consumed in general should be made up of foods with high concentrations of starch. It is composed of a large amount of glucose linked by glycosidic bonds, therefore providing a sufficient amount of energy that our organism needs for proper functioning.


benefits of starch
benefits of starch

It improves the health status of the digestive system and acts as a prebiotic (The intestinal flora fulfills essential functions, at a gastrointestinal and general organic level. The intestinal flora is composed of a vast number of bacteria, and not all of them are going to be beneficial for our body. Starch is food that can maintain a positive balance, and it can improve our digestive processes and general health status.
It improves insulin sensitivity (foods that contain significant amounts of resistant starch have a low glycemic index, so the release of carbohydrates is carried out in a sustained manner and, with it, the release of insulin in the blood. This fact makes foods containing resistant starch suitable for those who have diabetes.
Helps controlling weight and appetite (Foods rich in fiber represent extra work for our digestive system, and starch causes greater satiety and therefore, less sensation of hunger throughout the day.

Food Rich In Starch

Given the importance of starch for the human body, we have decided to create a list of foods rich in starch:

Fruits and vegetables in general

If you must choose to include a source of starch in your diet, plants are our best choice. These foods are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals, a great mixture of nutrients capable of keeping the organism in optimal conditions. Therefore they appear as one of the healthiest products that exist.
Within the group of vegetables, potatoes contain the highest amount of starch. Boil them and enjoy them to the max. Cucumber with shell, carrot, corn, turnip, sweet potato and pumpkin also contain a high amount of starch and can be quite beneficial for the overall health.
For its part in the group of fruits, who stands out for its high content of starch is the banana, which gives us about 12 grams of this refined carbohydrate. Mango, chestnut, and plums follow this fruit.


what is starch-cereals
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Cereals also belong in the food group which has a high concentration of carbohydrates. Wheat, barley, pasta, and bread are also foods that have the highest amount of starch. Here even belong all flour products.
These are products rich in starch, regardless of the shape, color or size, all vegetables have a high proportion of this vital carbohydrate, however, among them include: peas, beans, lentils, javas, beans and chickpeas. They provide starch linked to essential nutrients such as fiber, iron, protein or potassium.

Processed Foods

There is a series of processed foods capable of offering a large amount of starch, among them sweets, such as cakes, corn cakes, pretzels, muffins and more, accompanied by pizza, hamburger, fruit peel, and pudding.
However, do not eat them lightly because they are also full of other compounds that can be harmful to long-term health. You have to analyze your diet very well and if you already find vegetables, or grains in it. If you do, do not worry, you get enough starch.

In the end

I hope that in today’s article you have learned what starch is. Which foods contain the highest amount.  What the best intake on a daily basis is.

Starch inclusion is quite crucial for your health, and thus with this small “menu,” you can still inspire yourself.


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