How to begin with fitness
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The program “How to begin with Fitness” is for everybody that wants to start with fitness for the first time.

Before we begin, here are some tips while doing exercises:

  • When you start lifting weights or exercising on a machine, do very low loads and focus your attention and have your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles flexed.
  • Be aware of your pose.
  • The whole exercising routine should not last more than 60 minutes, that includes warming up and warming down
  • Be aware of your movement speed and breathing. The movement must be slow and controlled, and you should not let gravity do work for you (going down should be as slow as going up.
  • When you lift you exhale, and when you are dropping weights inhale.
  • First, we start working upon bigger muscle groups (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Quads, Hamstrings) after that we start doing the smaller muscle groups (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Abs, Traps, Calves).
  • Let each exercise have 2-3 sets with 12-15 repetition with intensity about 50-60% of your maximum lift.
  • Break between sets and series should not be longer than 1 minute.

The following beginner exercise is recommended to be done three times a week, for about four weeks to get your body ready for working out and yourself into the state where you feel that working out is not a chore but a good thing for you and your body.

How to Begin with Fitness – 1/3 Workout: Warm-up

When you enter a gym or decide to work out at home or any other place, first 10 minutes of the workout is dedicated to cardio.
Go on a stepper, bike, run track or any cardio machine you have available and slowly warm up.

Do not push it, do it slow and steady – The purpose of a warm-up is to warm up your body for a degree or two more, then your constant body temperature.
Being warmed up reduces the possibility of injury

How to Begin with Fitness – 2/3 Workout:  Main

You should aim to complete all the sets in 50 minutes.
You complete this workout on fitness equipment, free weights or your weight.


Muscle groupExerciseSetsReps
1quadricepsLeg press315
2Gluts / ButtLying leg curls215
3Calf musclesStanding calf raises315
4Chest muscleBarbell Bench Press315
5Back muscleOne arm dumbbell row315
6Shoulder musclesDumbbell Shoulder Press315
7TricepsOne-Arm Triceps Extension315
8BicepsBiceps curl215
9AbsPlank and Side plank3As much as you can
10Lower back muscleHyperextensions (Back Extensions)312

I recommend increasing the weight every week

How to Begin with Fitness – 3/3 Workout: Cooldown

The meaning of this set is to cool your body. I know you are tired. But hold on its almost over. Only ten more minutes.

After finishing the routing, you should go on a bicycle, stepper, running machine and walk there for 3-10 minutes. To start cooling your body down.

Cooling down is recommended for the following:

  • It prevents rapping falling of blood pressure, headache, and dizziness
  • Lowers the possibility of cramps the next day

After cooling down a bit, you should stretch. Every hour that you are sitting down, every mile you run, and every weight you lift, bends your muscles. That’s why you should always stretch. Let it take as much time as you need. Slow moments. Your body will be grateful in the long run.


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