Tips for Succesful Weight Loss and Diet
Tips for Succesful Weight Loss and Diet - Girl with a measuring tape

What is a healthy and long-term successful weight loss is the question everybody is asking?

Long-term weight loss and improving how you feel won’t happen if you still trust all the commercial diets that are in many magazines or books, that will happen even less with trying the magical tee or pills or anti-fat creams. Life is not a fairy-tale, and you don’t get magic beans or get three wishes to help you lose weight.

Four tips that will help you lose weight successfully :

To successful loose body fat, weight and feel better you must optimize these factors. The first three I mentioned are the most important. Fourth one is going to increase your weight loss after you have been taking care of YOU for a while and when the fat loss starts slowing down. Today we will focus on the effects of food on your weight loss.

Weight loss – EATING PLAN:

First, of – FORGET MAGICAL DIETS –. Results of diets that are based on individual food types, or make you eat food at certain times, have you not eat meat and similar are what we call them a “lose quick BUT gain even quicker diets.”

Most of the diets only make you only lose water, or emptying your bowl or what’s the worst, losing your muscle mass.

Quick weight loss where you lose muscle mass instead of fat, slows down your metabolism, and that leads to increased weight gain when you stop dieting, and that kind of diets do not give your body all the necessary nutrients you need. That leads to low energy and feeling worse than you did when you started dieting.

Stupid Weight Loss – AVOID IT

weight loss and diet tips
Picture : Girl starving her self, and not having a proper weight loss plan

The stupidest thing people do when dieting is starving them self or lowering their intake of calories to a minimum.Not only that is very bad for your health, but it also decreases your weight loss since it slows down your metabolism.

Optimal died starts with limiting your daily calorie intake (around 10%) and recommends all food that gives your body all vitamins, minerals, fat, aminoamides.




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